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CSCS cards: Responses to some common queries

There is no end to the number of construction workers across the UK intending to hold the CSCS card. Let us take a look at a few of the most common queries that the construction workers have regarding CSCS card. What is CSCS? Construction Skills Certification Scheme is the body behind the CSCS Card. They are widely perceived as the top certification scheme across the construction industry in the UK. How soon can I get the CSCS card? As a prerequisite for getting the CSCS card, a construction worker needs to appear for the CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test. This is also subject to one’s degree of proficiency and one’s trade. Upon clearing the CITB test, your card will be immediately processed. You should get it by mail within 30 days. For how long does the CSCS card stay valid? This depends on the CSCS card that you aim to get. The validity period of the card varies between 2-5 years. Thereafter, the card will have to be renewed. The renewal will be accomplished when you take the CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test. Similarly, some provisional and temporary cards are available as well that are characterized by a limited time validity. Once these categories of cards expire, you’d be required to get a higher level card. Will I be able to go to a construction site if I don’t hold a CSCS card? The likelihood is low. Over 80% of construction sites across the UK will deny your access in the dearth of a valid card. I am yet to receive my CSCS card. Can I start working at a construction site? Yes, but you would have to show the proof of having paid for the test and passing it. To exemplify that you have the qualification, skills and training to safely and effectively operate at a construction site in the UK, holding a CSCS card is essential. At Construction Cards, we make a range of resources available that help you acquire the best suited construction card for your requirements. Contact us today!

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