Getting the Bricklayer CSCS card

A construction worker should invariably try and ensure that he holds the CSCS card. This is irrespective of whether he is a skilled worker, site supervisor, or a standard laborer.
By holding a CSCS card, the odds of finding a job at a construction site enhance significantly. Employers perceive the CSCS card as valid proof that an employee has the innate abilities and essential skills to operate safely at a construction site. Just as in the cases of any other CSCS card, holding a Bricklayer CSCS is equally important for a construction worker, in case he is involved with this nature of work.
One of the key advantages that come with holding a Bricklayer CSCS card is that an individual gets hired at a higher pay scale.

Top reasons to hold a Bricklayer CSCS card
It is the responsibility of prospective employers to ensure that their employees have the requisite qualifications in the terms of health and safety. Similarly, in several organizations, CSCS cards are used for keeping a track of payment details, training records, and attendance. In several cases, construction workers swipe their CSCS card to enter the construction sites.

The procedure for obtaining a Bricklayer CSCS card
At the initial stage, a candidate is required to clear the health, safety, and environment test. Any candidate who intends to work as a bricklayer is required to complete this test.
This test acts as a desirable opportunity for the workers to upgrade themselves from the red card to the blue card, and through to the green card. Furthermore, by taking the CSCS course, a construction worker also gets an overview of managing hazardous materials and the hidden dangers involved.
Similarly, Gold and Black CSCS cards have exclusively been created for supervisors and site managers. In case one intends to hold a Green CSCS card, the individual will be required to clear NVQ in bricklaying.
When a learner reaches the Level 2 NVQ, he’d get familiarized with the fundamentals of refinery masonry erection skills and bricklaying safety.
Additionally, one accesses an overview of the repair and maintenance of masonry structures, non-specialist concrete, drainage, and cladding.
When one picks up a skill, a candidate is granted a valid Skilled Worker Level 2 CSCS card, as per his performance. But, Level 3 includes exhaustive training and a detailed understanding of the complex tasks, including bricklaying and trowel work. At this level, a candidate is required to demonstrate his capabilities of upkeeping a positive relationship with his peers.

The procedure of procuring NVQ
For procuring NVQ, the best method is to be a part of the on-site assessment, which is also known as the practical assessment. Now, when a construction worker acquires a valid bricklaying CSCS card, he is considered eligible to apply for a bricklaying job in the UK’s construction industry. Furthermore, it presents before them an opportunity for upgrading to the next level.
At Construction Cards, we offer the essential Training Construction NVQs and onsite assessment. By visiting the company’s official site as well, one can apply for the aforementioned card. But, it is a must for an aspirant to clear the Operative Health, Safety, and Environment Test before applying for the Bricklayer CSCS card.

How long does it take to acquire the CSCS card?
Typically, the distribution of a CSCS card will take around three weeks. Once a construction worker receives the card, he can apply at the different construction sites across the UK.

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