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Government updates in CSCS cards

A CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card should be perceived as a physical proof that one is well-qualified for his work in the construction industry. This goes to show that one is well trained to work safely at a construction site.
Holding a CSCS card is not a legislative requirement as of current. Nevertheless, numerous employers from across the UK are fast making holding a CSCS card a quintessential requirement for working at a construction site.
Over a dozen types of CSCS cards are now available in the construction industry. A construction worker can choose to go for the qualification that forwards his career. CSCS cards cover the different designations across the construction industry. There are CSCS cards for trainee roles, managerial levels and everything in between.
A few of the changes have recently been introduced in the procedures involved with applying for CSCS card Occupational Work Supervision. Let us take a look at them.
Following consultations with the entities operating in the construction industry, the National Working Group (NWG) for Occupational Work Supervision (OWS) has removed endorsement list and redefined the pre-entry requirements for OWS Level 3 NVQs. The NWG has accepted it as employers’ responsibility to ensure that any site supervisor possesses the capability to do his work. The removal of the endorsement list is widely believed to bring simplicity in the card application process.
Starting 1st October, CSCS has no longer been printing occupational endorsement towards the reverse of card for any new card applications.

Gold Supervisory Card

The construction workers looking to take up the role of a site supervisor should go for the Supervisory Gold CSCS card. Such a professional’s work encompasses overseeing other’s work. He sees that others are doing their work correctly and safely. This will involve inspections and site checks as well.

New entry requirements
Applicants will need to provide the evidence of their own NVQ/SVQ. They should also have Specialist Supervisor CITB Health Safety and Environment CSCS test in the two years gone by. For those taking an OWS NVQ and SVQ, the NWG for OWS has approved any of the following as an entry requirement:
1. The person’s experience in the occupational industry before being registered Occupational Work Supervision qualification.
2. The person’s ability and experience in supervising teams.
3. The person is occupationally competent to at least a level 2 SVQ/NVQ courses.
Proof of verifiable experience should be shared before being registered for NVQ/SVQs. This should meet the following criteria.
1. Candidates share evidence which demonstrates experience that is verifiable and relevant.
2. Portfolio evidence from previous experience or a letter from employer that confirms the candidate’s suitability for a job.
Price of Gold Supervisory card is going to be the same as before until further notice.

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