How long does it take to obtain the CITB test pass certificate?

A CSCS card is a valuable resource and when one holds a CSCS card, he can get access to a construction site. To obtain a CSCS card, clearing the CITB test is a basic prerequisite.
CITB is the abbreviation Construction Industry Training Board. The CITB organizes a range of qualifications, including the health, safety, and environment Test.

About the CITB Test

The duration of the CITB test is 45 minutes. At this time, 50 objective questions are posed before the candidate. They include knowledge questions and a case study.

The test is conducted over a computer which will be available at the examination center authorized by CITB. A candidate is required to arrive at the center 15 minutes before his test begins.
A candidate should carry his photo id to the test center and display it to the authorities. This photo-id could be your valid passport or your driving license. If a candidate shows up without his photo id, then there are odds that the authorities will not allow him or her to take the test.
After how much time can I get my CITB test certificate?

Once a candidate is ready to take the CITB test, CITB makes 45 minutes available for a candidate for answering all questions. The questions are all based on general knowledge and behavioral aspects. During the permitted time of 45 minutes, a candidate needs to respond to his 50 questions.
Upon completing the test, the candidate can see his score report in real-time. The result will be presented on your computer screen. The passing certificate will also be issued for you at the center at the same time.
On the CITB test certificate, there will be details such as your name, center number, CITB testing ID, and your test result. The number of answers that you got right from among the 50 questions will also be displayed over the CITB test certificate.
For further details, log on to the Construction Cards website or call us. Our experts will share all relevant information associated with the CITB test.
One of the best ways to prepare for the CITB test is to take online quizzes. A candidate may alternately buy a book to enhance his theoretical knowledge. This should ensure that you clear the test. We wish you the best of luck.

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