How much does it cost to take the CITB test?

Across the UK, The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is the top skills certification board for the construction industry. Many professionals from across the construction industry take the CITB test.
The CITB test will empower a construction worker to put an application for the CSCS card. Simultaneously, they can also prove that their operation at the construction building environment is safe.
Furthermore, a construction worker will get a certification when he completes the CITB test. This way, the construction worker can prove that for their particular trade, the individual has been professionally trained for the specific requirements for maintaining health and safety at the construction site.
The division of the CITB test is into three compartments. Operatives, Specialists, and Managers & Professionals. They are in place for construction professionals who operate at different hierarchies.

The CITB test is meant for whom?

It is for all construction workers that the CITB test has been put in place. If one intends to become a skilled worker, he can also do so with the achievement of level 2 NVQ. For the same, taking the CITB test is a prerequisite.
Similarly, when one wants to start his career in the construction industry, he should also take the CITB test. But, to take the CITB test, one should be over 16 years of age. Having a relevant id is also important.
What makes the CITB test important?
If you complete the CITB test, it implies that your degrees of competency when operating at a construction site will be high. So, clearing the CITB test implies that one can work at a construction site. This adds value to your career in the construction industry.
Construction Cards is always available to ensure that your career across the construction industry is more dynamic. We offer digitized CITB tests for all construction workers. Herein, the professional will get a chance to do his revisions online and prepare well for the CITB test. We make health and safety training for working in the construction industry more convenient for you.
How much does it cost to take the CITB test?
Individually, the test is only going to cost £21. But, the admin and operational fees also need to be borne.
One of the best ways to go about taking the CITB test is by taking a course to let you acquire the CSCS card following course completion. Another way of going about it is to achieve an SVQ or a level 2 NVQ.
At Construction Cards, we make all CITB tests available. These tests will be compatible with several CSCS cards. Furthermore, we also make useful learning material available for you. This will enhance your career in the construction industry.
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