Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment

Why should you do the Level 1 Award in Health and Safety Course

Working at a construction site could be a life-threatening task. Therefore, a person whether employer or employee, they must be trained to maintain their health and safety in construction so that none of the life is at stake.

But how do we train workers to stay safe?

What is it?

Level 1 Award in the field of “Health and Safety at a Construction Environment” is designed in such a way that the worker gets a complete lookout of what should be done to stay safe while working. The certification in the test tells employers that person holding this award is safe to be sent at the construction site.

Effective accomplishment of this capability will show a person’s intelligence and comprehension of the wellbeing and security prerequisites of a building site and, together with the accomplishment of the CITB Operative Health Safety and Environment Test, will empower people to get the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Labourers’, Green Card.

The Learning Outcomes and evaluation criteria for the capability were created by industry specialists from CSCS’s Card Management Committee following a suggestion that all labourers on building destinations ought to be formally qualified.

People who want to get into labouring occupations in the construction industry can find this useful.

Why is this award necessary?

This award will build up your insight and comprehension of health and security in a development or fencing condition, empowering you to work adequately and proficiently in the work environment. It’s additionally the fundamental course for you to pick up a CSCS card for section onto a building site.

You can likewise achieve a worker green card status inside the Fencing Industry Skills Scheme/Construction Skills Certification Scheme (FISS/CSCS) card conspire.


This qualification is appropriate for everybody looking for work in labouring occupations in the development business who is hoping to acquire their Labourers’ Green Card. There is no restriction for anyone to apply for this qualification.

The person who has enrolled has to go through a course to attain the certificate. The required amount of hours for the completion of the course is 29 hours. Anyone older than 14 years can apply to this course.

After the course completion, learners will be able to know the key roles and responsibilities to be taken in maintaining a healthy and safe workplace.

Some of the topics covered are explained below;

  1. The principles of assessing the risk and setting criteria for maintaining and improving health and safety and work.
  2. The course also teaches safe handling of equipment in the workplace.
  3. The course gives a brief intro about working safely at height in the construction field.
  4. Knowledge of risks to health within a constructive environment
  5. Workers also learn about working safely in and around plant and equipment.

The total cost of the course depends on training providers including the support provided by the institution. The final assessment will consist of 45 questions in total. The test has to be completed in 60 minutes. The minimum pass mark for the test would be around 32 out of 45.

How to Apply

Health and Safety level 1 course is a must when it comes to the workplace environment because even a small mistake could convert into a fatal accident. The course includes a huge variety of e-Learning cooperation and downloadable report content. Approved centres can book a multiple-choice examination, which can result in an accredited qualification once cleared.