Mast Climber-type Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) Level 2 NVQ

NVQ Level 2 Mast Climber-type Mobile Elevating Work Platforms is a competency-based qualification for eligible candidates who want to build their career within this field as climber-type mobile platform operator.

The CPCS course offers the candidate with an opportunity to earn the certification (Diploma) that is accredited by the CITB and CPCS authorities. The certification course is also one of the ways candidate get to prove his skills via learning program and practical sessions.

What is this?

The NVQ is a testing system that is used by the HR team within the construction line to help make a selection of eligible candidates. The certification is used as an identity for candidates who are already eligible to get started with applying for a relevant job position in the construction work site.

The competency-based testing course is used by the assessors for testing the skills of the candidate for performing their job efficiently at the work site. In order to get certified that candidates are expected to complete a minimum of 40 hours of learning session along with practical training sessions.

At the end of the course, the candidates are either declared as eligible or not for applying for the relevant job position as mast climber-type MEWPs. The candidate has to display his proficiency in handling the controls of the mast climber MEWP under various job conditions.

Why it is required?

The course is mandatory as it will help the candidate get certified for applying for the job position. As per regulations, the industry can only hire professionals who are certified to handle and operate these types of MEWPs at the work site.

This guarantees that the candidate undergoing the testing system is already trained professional and can perform any relevant task that is required at the work site. This completely eliminates the need for the HR team to test the candidate before being hired.

The course and tests are already accredited by the CITB and CPCS authorities and thus will offer the candidate with the right level of training to join at the entry level or as trained professional. The candidate can apply to get certified for Red CPCS card or for Blue CPCS Card as a trained professional to work for a much higher pay scale.


Any candidate is free to opt for the course as long as he has the will power to go through training sessions and in-classroom lessons consistently. The applicant is expected to provide detailed evidence for all legal and valid documents at the time of the registration process.

If the candidate is fresh, then he may have to provide with a copy of his academic qualification along with any experience working within the construction field. Such candidates will be provided with Red CPCS card at the end of the course.

If the candidate is already experienced, then he will have to submit a copy of the CPCS score sheet along with RED CPCS card details. It is mandatory that the candidate should have appeared for Touch screen test within the last two year time period. He has to score an overall of 12 credit points to be certified at the end of the course.

How to apply?

Any candidate who wants to apply for attaining professional career has to get enrolled for the Level 2 NVQ test. Candidate can collect details related to testing at for appearing for Construction NVQ course as mast climber-type MEWP operator.

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