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Pricing information for a CSCS Card

A CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card acts as physical proof for a construction worker being well qualified; and possessed with the appropriate training for safely working on-site. In the UK, having the CSCS card is not a legislative requirement for a construction worker. But employers from across the UK are in the process of making CSCS services necessary to work at construction sites.

CSCS cards are of over a dozen different types. They stand for varied qualifications and occupations across the construction industry. The occupations vary from trainee to managerial roles.

A list of different CSCS Cards available at Construction Cards

  • Green Labourer Card
  • Gold Card – Advanced Craft
  • Blue Skilled Worker Card
  • Black Manager Card
  • White – Academically Qualified Person (AQP)
  • Red Apprentice Card
  • Experienced Technician, Supervisor, or Manager Red Card
  • White – Professionally Qualified Person (PQP)
  • Red Trainee Card (Craft and Operative)
  • Red Experienced Worker Card
  • Graduate Red Card

Different CSCS cards will be available for different people, depending upon the qualifications that they hold.

Pricing information for CSCS cards

To be eligible for purchasing a CSCS card, one should have completed a CITB Health, Safety, and Environment test at most before two years of applying for his CSCS card. The nature of the CITB test for which one appears depends on the type of training that one already has and one’s qualifications.

If one does not successfully pass a CITB test, then one cannot get a CSCS card. The retail price for most CSCS cards is £60.

For how long does a CSCS card last?

In most cases, a CSCS card will last for 5 years. The Provisional Card is an exception and lasts for 6 months. Once it expires, the Provisional Card is not renewable. When one receives one’s provisional card, the expiry date is also displayed over the card.


For anyone who intends to take his construction career to a greater height, Construction Cards makes training and testing resources available for job seekers and tradespeople alike. Construction Cards is among the preferred provider of learning resources for construction workers across the UK, and CSCS cards are available at Construction Cards.

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