Rough Terrain Masted Forklifts Level 2 NVQ

NVQ Level 2 Rough Terrain Masted Forklifts certification is the right course for operators who want to seek their career as forklift operators within the construction industry. The course offers an opportunity for operators to help polish their skills handling and operating forklift cranes and trucks. The candidate once qualified, is free to apply for a job position within different industries.

He can also get started with his career at the entry level and as a trained professional in the construction industry and other shipment industries. He also has an opportunity to seek the best career as forklift operator working in shipping yards and dockyards as well.

What is this?

The course is designed by CPCS and CITB authorities for training the candidates to efficiently handle forklift cranes and trucks. The course will offer the candidate with knowledge and skills that are required to perform his job at the workplace.

The candidate can well be qualified as a handler and ready to work in the construction field – plant operations. The candidate is provided with the right level of training to help operate the industrial and construction field forklift machines.

The certification is best described as occupational based and focuses on helping the candidate develop his skills via training sessions and practical learning.

The candidate is expected to make a selection of units from the mandatory section and optional units for polishing his skills as per the national standards.

The candidate will have an option to make the selection of different units on the basis of RoC demands.

Why it is required?

The course is important for a candidate if he has to polish his skills and at the same time, collect more knowledge related to performing different types of tasks when operating forklift machines. He has to make a selection of one of the units from the optional units as per his area of interest.

The moment the candidate undergoes the course training, it is obvious that he will be exposed to operating masted forklifts machines for operating and using for load transfer tasks. He will also be able to get familiar with load transfer skills within the workplace and preparing to handle telescopic handlers.


At the entry level, the candidate is not expected to hold any special skills related to operating forklifts machines. In case the candidate wants to boost his career for a high CPCS card, then he has to display his skills related to handling masted forklifts.

It is also obvious that the candidate should hold his academic qualification and ability to calculate load as per the heights. For any potential learner, it is important for him to demonstrate his best level of skills in performing these calculations and operate the machine at the workplace.

The candidate is also expected to undergo full learning and training sessions as per set by the authorities. The candidate will have to provide with health and safety welfare CPCS card as proof of eligibility for attaining Blue CPCS card.

How to apply?

The candidate can freely apply for getting registered for the course online. offers full training and study materials for the candidate to help him score good grades in the test. The candidate can also register via official CPCS and CITB portal for Construction NVQ certification for Level 2.

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