RT02 Crawler Crane Test

CPCS is a type of testing system that is modular for CPCS card holders. Over a period of time, and on regular basis operators are expected to renew their certification of proficiency. The CPCS management authority has determined that CPCS RT02 Crawler Crane test is mandatory for operator’s safety. It is obvious that using this testing system, the authorities aim at testing the knowledge of the operator related to handling crawler crane efficiently. CPCS renewal test is basically conducted by the authorities at CPCS for renewal of the Blue card for the operators.

What is the RT02 Crawler Crane Test

In general, this is a testing system, and the main aim of this test is to help crawler crane operators renew their operating license and certification. This has been done keeping in mind the safety-related issues. The candidates are expected to undergo simple test on various topics that they are used to for performing their job efficiently. The tests are conducted by the CPCS authorities on a regular basis after fixed intervals of time.

Why it is required?

Crawler crane operators perform task that involves high risk level. Over a period of time, it becomes important for them to ensure that they are physically as well as mentally fit for operating crawler crane. Thus the CPCS authorities conduct this test via consultations. The test conducted by them covers wide variations of topics that are related to safety issues. These are the type of issues that the operators might face regularly at the job site.

To ensure that the crawler crane operator is fit both physically and mentally to continue operating crawler crane, the authorities have made the tests mandatory.


It is obvious that the CPCS renewal test can only be appeared by the eligible crawler crane operators. It is also certain that the operators who need to appear for this test should in fact their valid CPCS Blue card as competent operator.

The test has to be taken by the operators before their original blue card gets expired. It is also obvious that the testing system conducts test on various competencies that the operators have to face practically at the job site. A set of around 15 different questions has to be answered by each applicant from the categories provided.

The authorities have ensured that the test is designed as per the modules within the schemes and there may also be few modules that are designed on wide range of topics within the CPCS categories.

How to apply?

The process of application for the CPCS RT02 crawler crane test is very much simplified. In order to undergo the test it is obvious that the operator has to apply via the valid online forum. The CPCS renewal test is freely available via testing platform along with environment, safety and health tests. The moment you log on to the online platform you can come across the factsheet that contains module questions on wide range of topics. The answers for each module have not been provided on the factsheet.

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