RT04 Tower Crane Test

CPCS RT04 Tower Crane renewal test is important for operators who operate Heavy duty Tower cranes at their job site. These cranes are equipment these are very common amongst the construction industry and other heavy industries. The cranes are important for shifting heavy materials from one point to another within site. If the operator needs to continue operating this piece of heavy machinery, then it is important for him to appear for the CPCS renewal test after each decided period.

What is the CPCS RT04 Tower Crane?

It is obvious that the crane operator has to be aware of various functionalities that have to be performed when operating the crane. Apart from this, it is also important for him to perform all checks and inspections before operating the crane each time.

Failure to do so could, in fact, lead to any major accident from happening at the work site. It is also important for the operator to be able to operate the crane during extreme job conditions. The tests are one of the best ways to determine the competency of the operator with time. To ensure the safety of the equipment, construction site, operator, and all other persons working at the site, it is obvious that the authorities have made it mandatory for the operator to appear for this test.

Each craned operator is awarded certification for operating his crane by the authorities after the crucial testing procedure. The certification means that the operator is marked as CPCS card holder and is eligible for operating these cranes.

As the certification holds its validity date so before the expiry of the blue CPCS card, the operators are expected to undergo this testing system.

Why is it required?

One of the main reasons for conducting this competency test is to help check the knowledge base of the operators. It is also obvious that via this test, the authorities offer the operators with a chance to renew their knowledge base related to operating and safety issues. Apart from this, the testing system also ensures that the operators are tested for their physical and mental fitness for performing their job at the construction site on a tower crane.

The skills used by the authorities are efficient in testing and upgrading the knowledge for operators and at the same time to help them upgrade for using more advanced types of equipment at the job site.


In order to qualify for the test as a blue cardholder, the operator should possess an already valid blue card as a fully fledged Tower crane operator. It is also important that the operator’s certification has to be accredited and valid at the time of appearing for the test.

In case the operator does not hold a valid blue card may not be eligible for appearing for the CPCS test for renewing the certification. It is also important that at the time of testing the operator should possess all possible knowledge related to his mode of operandi at the job site.

The question bank covers testing the knowledge of the operator in various fields within his job skills.

How to apply?

If an operator wishes to apply for the CPCS RT04 Tower cranerenewal test, then he has to make his application via the selected official CPCS website online. The forms and all other sets of information related to the CPCS renewal test can be collected by the operator by downloading the fact files from the website.

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