RT12 Excavator 180 Test

The CPCS Renewal Test is a secluded test for Card holders needing to renew their Blue CPCS Card. Every module is CPCS Plant Specific, and the inquiries depend on a scope of themes and key learning expected of experienced plant administrators. The CPCS renewal RT 12 Excavator test is for the plant operators who are specialized in the excavators.

The CPCS renewal test consists of questions based on the module the applicant works in. There are 15 multiple choice questions per module. The time limit for the test is 15 minutes. All these renewal tests are computer-based. Hence, the applicant just needs to click on the correct answers by using a mouse. Each applicant will be given a short tutorial before starting the test, which explains everything and gives him/her a chance to evaluate the functioning of the system.

180 excavators are utilized by a wide number of plant procure organizations just as by proprietor drivers, and fuel costs presently structure a noteworthy piece of any creation overheads. The administrator can limit the fuel utilized by working the machine proficiently without the need to utilize the most extreme motor speed. 180 excavators are generally used to lift suspended or threw loads for which certain precautionary measures should be taken.

Before a heap is to be lifted, the lifting task should be appropriately arranged, and the administrator or other significant individual needs to guarantee that the machine is affirmed and prepared to lift a suspended burden.

Why is it required?

The renewal is necessary for people who want to continue working in the same field. The CPCS card can be renewed in the following ways:

  • Health, Safety, and Environment Test: This test needs to be completed within 2 years of the actual renewal of the CPCS card.
  • CPCS Renewal Examination: Both the CPCS and the HSE examinationcan be taken at the same time. CPCS test has to be passed in the module the applicant wishes to renew.
  • Proof of Practical Experience: Every cardholder has to show an experience of 300 hours in the logbook. The logbook has to be verified by a CPCS registered valuator.


There is no specific age limit to get the CPCS renewed. The applicant should have a CPCS card which is not expired in order to apply for the renewal under any module.

The applicant has to go through a fact sheet to revise all the important information before attending the test. The fact sheet provides all the required data for the exam.

How to apply?

CITB approved test centres for CPCS renewal can be found on the company’s website. The CPCS renewal test can be attended in the closest test centre to you. The cost for the renewal, HS and E test is minimal. The applicant can fill the form and mail it to the concerned authorities. The renewed card will be at the applicant’s doorstep within 15 days.

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