RT14 Masted Forklift Truck Test

Masted forklifts (barring adjustable handlers) arrive in an assortment of sorts including modern counteracted, loader, achieve truck and unpleasant territory. All are outfitted with using pressurized water worked and tilting pole that permits burdens to be lifted conveyed and put at tallness. This factsheet covers every one of these sorts; despite the fact that the unpleasant landscape the form is the most normally utilized inside the development and associated parts.

Most of the forklift tasks happen inside clogged and restricted regions where there are developments of different machines, vehicles, and individuals for which the administrator must know about these developments while working the machine. The validity of CPCS cards in each category of machinery is 5 years. It is mandatory for everyone to renew the bond after 5 years of service.

The CPCS RT14 Masted Forklift Truck renewal test consists of 15 questions. The time limit for the test is 15 minutes. The questions are multiple choice questions, and they are to be answered on a computer.

Why is it required?

On the off chance that you are working in the construction and development industry in the UK, at that point most presumably yes, the renewal test is essentially required. Manufacture UK demands that agents taking a shot at their destinations must hold a CPCS card. Numerous different businesses are likewise requesting the equivalent requiring their workers to hold pertinent cards to demonstrate their abilities.

When attending a CPCS renewal test, you need to:

  • Take the confirmation letter with you to the test centre.
  • Take an ID which includes your photo and signature.
  • If you cannot carry a suitable ID, you can use an Identification Waiver Form

Once you have passed the required number of modules for your CPCS renewal, you can then apply to the new competent operator card that is associated with the module.


To hold or renew a CPCS RT14 Masted Forklift Truck, you need to hold a CPCS blue competent card which has a specific expiry date. You have to pass the CITB health, safety, and environment test within the last 2 years of the expiry. You will have to pass the renewal test for whichever category you have applied. Both the tests can be taken at once in the same test centre. You can find your nearest test centre by going to the official CITB website. They show all the CITB approved test centres.

How to apply?

The CPCS application form can be downloaded from the CPCS website or can be bought directly from the nearest CPCS test centre. A log book is necessary to prove the experience of the applicant. Many other centres which provide training for the CPCS courses can also be approached for the application of the renewal.  The scorecard is generated immediately after your test has been completed. The report shows the specific regions where you can improve and perform better. If you passed the CPCS renewal test, you could apply for the renewal of the operator card for the categories you have passed.

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