RT22 Tracked Loading Shovel Test

A tracked loading shovel is a type of vehicle that is equipped with a loading bucket at the front side. The vehicle is also mounted on a tracked chain that makes the vehicle mobile. In order to operate this complex machine, you may have to clear RT22 tracked loading shovel test.

The test is one way to check with your proficiency to handle this machine. The shovel bucket may vary in size, depending on the machine. These are graded as light or heavy duty machines and are used in excavation works.

The shovel is designed to lift and dig Earth and soil at the site area. As the heavy-duty vehicle operates on a chain, so they can be used on different terrains.

The operator who wants to operate this heavy duty machine vehicle needs to familiarise with different controls from the dashboard. The levers provided moves with the shovel hand within 360 degrees and in any direction.

What is the RT22 tracked loading shovel Test?

The RT 22 is a proficiency test that operators are expected to pass before they can be hired as a professional tracked shovel operator. The operator needs to be calculative in performing each task at the site. He may have to depend a lot on his instincts to balance the vehicle on muddy or uneven terrains.

The operator should develop his skills of focusing on completing more than one task at the same time. These skills for the operator are tested the moment he appears for renewal of the Blue CPCS card.

Why the test is it required?

The operator handling mobile shovels may require special skills to operate these heavy duty machines at the work site. When appearing for the proficiency test, you get to test your skills and knowledge related to handling different types of tasks and controls.

The vehicle can also be used on different terrains, so the operator has to be intuitive about maintaining his balance, even when lifting or digging the soil. This is where his basic testing skills come into play, so his experience may be upgraded within time.

Another major advantage of appearing for RT22 test is that the operator can also be familiarised with new developments and controls provided on modern vehicles. These machines are upgraded for better and smooth controls most of the times. The test proves helpful for operators to get familiarized with new developments.


When undergoing basic training, you need to develop your skills with being attentive and focused on performing the tasks. Another major skill development during this CPCS course is to help overcome any distraction that could divert you from performing your task at the job site.

The art of using a tracked mobile shovel machine for completing different jobs at the site can be polished. The operator can also open up various new opportunities once he is certified as a fully-fledged operator.

How to apply

Online, anyone who is already a professional operator can apply for the renewal procedure with www.constructionhelpline.com. Once you have completed the test, you shall be eligible to work within the industry on different capacity machines. CPCS renewal test opens up new doors of opportunities for you.

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