RT24 Motorised Scraper Test

A motorised scraper is a type of machine that finds its wide use in civil and construction industries. It is a wheeled vehicle that is mainly used for soil and earth moving. At the rear end of the machine, a hopper is also present. Hence, the operators should be very skilled to use the hopper device carefully.

But as this is about handling a heavy-duty mechanical device then who is going to check the credibility of the operator.

Well, in the UK construction industry, working with motorised scraper needs to apply for the RT24 Motorised scraper test.

Undergoing this test, operators are tested for their handling skills and efficiency to work under pressure.

What is RT24 Motorised scraper Test?

The test is a proficiency-based system that helps in checking with the skills of the operator to raise, lower or rotate the hopper through certain degrees. The operator also learns to develop the skills of moving the vehicle over the conveyor belt.

Apart from moving earth, the operator also develops his skills by dumping the load from one place to another. To get started with a lucrative career in this industry, the operator has to opt for the test.

Once the operator clears the test with a passing score, he will be offered with a renewed blue CPCS card, that he has to produce at the time of job application.

Why is it required?

The RT24 test is widely useful for operators when applying for a job position in the construction field. The operator, who gets his valid blue card, can also apply for the job position within the mining industry, agricultural field, etc.

The operator has to learn all basics of handling moving equipment of scraper, hydraulic moving parts, movable arms, and conveyor belt. Apart from excavating, the operator will have to learn the skills of transporting excavated material to a different location.

The operator has to develop the skill of working independently without the assistance of a field tractor.


Criteria for passing the test are very easy. The candidate has to appear for the test, which is further divided into simple modules. In each module, there are total 15 questions out of which candidates have to answer 12 questions correctly.

The test is generally computer-based, and candidates have to click the relevant answers.

To appear for the test, you require bringing you original ID or Identification Waiver Form if you don’t have a real ID.

How to apply?

It is easy for anyone to apply via the official web portal of CPCS. The committee has offered with convenience to fill in the application form and request for renewal procedure. For better assistance and guidance, you can contact experts at www.constructionhelpline.com. The expert here will train you for the practical and theoretical skills as per the requirements.

As you appear and pass the renewal test, you will be awarded the blue card for working with machinery like a motorised scraper, etc. Even you earlier had the card, but it has been expired, then you can also take the CPCS renewal test.

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