RT40 Slinger/Signaller Test

A sling signaler is a person who works along with other ground staff at the construction site. RT40 Slinger/signaller Proficiency test is meant for any individual who wants to seek his career and take it to the advanced level within the construction industry job site. The post of a sling signaller holds a number of responsibilities at the workplace. He is responsible for coordination with the crane lift operators and co-workers to help them with directions for handling and moving load.

What is RT40 Slinger/Signaller?

Sling crane is a huge overhead crane that is used within the construction site for moving load (mainly concrete) at the work site. Slings need to be placed in the perfect position where required by the operator.

This makes the task of the Signaller or slinger more difficult as a slight mistake in calculating the distance or height would, in fact, lead to a major accident or even in few cases loss.

This thus requires that the candidate who has to be appointed for this job post should, in fact, be perfect in his coordination and calculation skills. He has to ensure that the crane or sling truck operator understands and follows his instructions accurately.

Why is it required?

The fact is that it may not be possible for any candidate who does not hold the right qualifications, to guide and offer directions to the sling truck or crane operator. A lot of signs and signals are to be memorized such that the candidate can use it as a sign language.

This requires that the candidate has to be tested for his skills with using sign language and coordinating with the co-workers at the construction site.


One of the most important criteria is that the candidate has to be experienced in this field within the construction site as slinger or signaller at the junior post. The candidate who wishes to qualify for the advanced job position as signaller has to appear for this test.

The test is also mandatory for any candidate who wishes to get his CPCS card renewed back again so that he can continue working in the same job position at the work site.

The renewal test has been made mandatory by the construction authorities for candidates who want to continue with their employment. On regular testing, the skills and experience of the candidate can also be polished.

As per rules, it is also expected for the candidate to score best grades in order to be re-certified for continuity of his work at this job position in the construction industry.

The test will check with the proficiency of the candidate such that his employers will no longer need to check with his past experience or skills for the job completed before hiring him.

How to apply?

The process to apply for the CPCS renewal test is simplified as candidates just need to fill in the simple online form via www.constructionhelpline.comConstruction Helpline assures that the candidates will be offered with convenience to get registered and appear for the renewal test on time.

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