RT50 Loader/Securer – STGO Test

RT50 – Loader/Securer – STGO is a course that is part of the CPCS training. This training is responsible for teaching construction workers about the role of a Loader/Securer in a plant.

What is RT50  Loader/Securer – STGO?

The RT50 – Loader/Securer – STGO training provides both theoretical and practical training, which will enable the construction worker to carry out the role of a Loader/ Securer in a competent manner.

Many organisations provide grants to employees so that they can take up the CPCS course and improve their knowledge. Organisations realise that this certification will also make them more efficient in getting tasks done. Construction workers looking to take up this course can consult the HR department in their organisation for information regarding the grant.

The RT50 – Loader/Securer – STGO test covers topics mentioned below:

  1. Explain about the industry and the worker’s roles and responsibilities as a loader/securer
  2. Share insights on the types of transporters and their purpose
  3. Educate candidates on construction terminologies and their meanings
  4. Follow the manufacturer’s requirements as per their handbook, and pertinent regulations/legislation
  5. Commence pre-use checks on the truck and the primary mover
  6. Constitute the site for loaded and unloaded public highway travel
  7. Set up the plant for loading and unloading duties
  8. Set up the truck for loading and unloading duties
  9. Train on actions to take should there be a hazardous situation in the plant
  10. Setup and comply with the communication policies
  11. Loading or directing items of the plant to be loaded or unloaded from the trailer
  12. Arrange items in the plant for public highway travel in the trailer
  13. Explaining judicial requirements for the transit of the loads on the public highway
  14. Explaining the attention that needs to be given when planning a route on the public highway
  15. Undertaking state requirements when loading and unloading the trailer
  16. Carry out shut down and securing procedures of the plant if and when the need arises
  17. Understanding the Road Traffic Act requirements

All candidates need to complete the relevant Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) touch-screen-test within two years of taking the Loader/Securer – STGO test to ensure that they are eligible to take up the test.

Why is the test needed?

The test is part of a mandatory requirement to renew the red CPCS card. Construction workers need the CPCS card to show that they are aware of appropriate work-place safety measures.

Criteria to successfully complete the module

The course has 15 different sets of questionnaires, and the candidate has to complete a minimum of 12 sets to be eligible for the certification.

How to apply

Many online institutions such as ConstructionHelpline.com that are recognised by the CITB conduct the training for this course and candidates may contact any of these institutions to get trained on the course.

The RT50 Loader/Securer – STGO is one of the mandatory courses for CPCS renewal test that will ensure that the candidate can be trusted for following the safety regulations of the construction site.

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