Soil Stabilizers Level 2 NVQ

NVQ Level 2 Soil Stabilizers certification is the right option for candidates who aim at achieving high career when working at the construction site. The qualification is in general job oriented and offers the candidate to get started with working at the construction job site.

On completion of the course, the candidate has vast opportunities to work in the construction operations work site on plants and equipment that are related to levelling soil and earth before being cemented or paved.

What is this?

The CPCS course is proficiency and competency-based course that is made mandatory by CPCS authorities and CITB authorities within the UK for any candidate who wants to work in the construction industry. The course is one of the very few options that are easily available for any candidate to get started with a bright future in this field.

The candidate on completion of the course will be eligible for getting registered for Blue CPCS card scheme offered by CSCS.

This certification course has been made for candidates who want to polish their skills by being a part of the training and learning sessions offered by professionals before being assessed for the Level 2 NVQ certification.

Why is it required?

The job position at the construction work site for soil stabilizers requires a lot of knowledge and skills for the candidates to display. It is certain that fresh candidates should also prove their skills for learning and developing practices as per the national standards.

In order to ease the process of selection of candidates for performing the soil stabilizer job and handling all types of equipment at the workplace, authorities have set the course structure.

The course will offer the right level of training for all candidates to operate vehicles and roller machines for layering soil for pavement jobs. Apart from this, the operator is also expected to be aware of all terminology that will be needed for coordinating with co-workers at the workplace.

The course is designed to help candidates get familiar with this terminology and at the same time, develop learning efficiency to take up his responsibilities at the workplace.

The course is also important for candidates as they will be exposed to making use of modern and traditional systems and machines for levelling any type of inclines or creating a smooth and even surface before cement jobs.


The course is a general course that is mandatory for any worker who wants to work in the construction industry as soil stabilizer. In order to get registered for the course, the candidate has to pass out the CSCS screen test with passing scores.

The candidate is also expected to pass out the CPCS practical and theory test at the entry level. Apart from this, the candidate who wants to appear for the next level has to provide with details related to their prior experience and valid job card.

Any candidate who wants to join for the certification at the entry-level has to provide the academic qualification certifications at the time of registration.

How to apply?

The candidates are free to log on to and then get registered for the course and test. The construction helpline offers candidates with all possible details related to Construction NVQ certification and study materials.

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