Top reasons to complete a SEATS course

SEATS is an acronym for Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme. While being among the most popular courses across the construction industry, it is a course that focuses on the environmental issues countered at a construction site.

The SEATS course is delivered in a single day training session, and the rules and regulations for the same have been established by the CITB

What makes the SEATS course important?

The core focus area of the SEATS course is the natural environment consequences encountered at a construction site. This includes:

  • High consumption of natural resources resulting in their depletion. This primarily covers the non renewable sources of energy.
  • Changes in landscapes and the environment
  • Transport is nowadays overloaded and results in excessive pollution
  • Negative impacts are visible over the waterways as well
  • The amount of household and industrial waste is higher than it has ever been before
  • Construction sites are frequently shaded, and a deficit of sunlight renders its effects over the life of flora and fauna
  • Resistance to earthquakes reduces for certain locations

When a construction professional completes the SEATS course, it boosts his knowledge for overcoming everyday issues. The SEATS has initially been put in place to ensure that the environmental impact of the construction sites is mitigated.

By going for the SEATS course, a construction worker also enhances his know-how regarding HS&E test’s environmental pieces. While the training module lasts, assessors and the team of the SEATS course will discuss in detail regarding environmental sustainability. Also are covered the best practices to be followed at a construction site and the relevant legislations. This puts construction professionals in a better position to implement solutions.

Defining the SEATS course

The SEATS course is in place to deliver insights that ensure that the work at a construction site progresses in a stringent adherence to the rules and regulations associated with the environmental laws.

What makes it essential to go for the SEATS course?

The benefits that the SEATS course brings with it last throughout a construction worker’s career. It puts one in a better position to exercise responsible environmental practices.

These factors make the SEATS course important from the career development point of view. Similarly, when the workforce goes for the SEATS course, it boosts a construction company’s performance.

The SEATS course covers the following topics

  • Why is the environment important?
  • A preliminary understanding of Environmental Management Systems
  • Site waste management
  • Prevention of pollution and water management
  • The usage of energy and resources
  • How you can become a responsible contractor
  • Understanding the principles of statutory nuisance, communications, archaeology, and heritage

Your supervisors will launch a final test for you to achieve a CITB Site Environment Awareness Training Scheme (SEATS) certification.

Across the UK, many companies make funding and grants available for their workers for completing the CITB SEATS training courses. So, you should also take time out and contact your line manager regarding the same.

What is the procedure to apply for the SEATS training Course?

First and foremost, the construction professional should hold a valid CITB Site Safety Plus certificate, which has a validity period of five years. When one intends to continue to be certified in the expanse, one has to re-take the SEATS course.

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Top reasons to apply for the SEATS course now

Brexit and the pandemic are currently wrecking havoc across the UK. In such a scenario, the focus has shifted towards achieving new qualifications and up skilling.

The SEATS course has been put in place such that construction workers are in a better position to meet up with the prevailing environmental and construction legislations. This is made possible by sharing the requisite skills and knowledge with the candidates.

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