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Top reasons to take the CIBT Test

In 2020, the number of nonfatal injuries that happened at construction sites in the UK was 61,000. The UK construction industry is attempting to find ways to ensure that this figure is lowered, and workplace safety standards are higher.

Health & safety education and training over specific skills is similarly a must when working on-site. The CIBT test is hence essential for both, existing and aspiring workers to take. This will enhance workplace safety standards.

It is the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) that has developed the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment test. The test is oriented towards yielding to the workers the power to share their knowledge about upkeeping health and safety standards at the worksite.

The test aims at analyzing the workers’ knowledge over several topics. This will go to show that a worker’s presence on-site is safe and presents no safety risks for other workers.

From the employers’ viewpoint, when the workers have passed the CITB test, he finds confidence that his workforce can operate safely and their productivity will also be high.

Who should take the CITB test?

All candidates aspiring to have a career in the construction industry should take the CITB test. In the UK, the test is compulsory for all construction workers who intend to work in their specific fields.

Which CITB test will I take?

There are three categories of CITB tests; for Operatives, for Specialists, and for Managers & Professionals. Entry-level applicants will typically take the operative and specialist levels of CITB tests.

The structure of the CIBT test

In the CIBT test, one finds 50 MCQ questions. Each of the sections includes behavioral case studies. They need to be answered within 45 minutes. Across these 45 minutes, it is across 5 specific areas that the questions will be separated.

  • Legal and Management
  • Health and Welfare
  • General Safety
  • High-Risk Activities
  • Environment

A worker will pass when he gets 45 of these 50 questions correct.

What happens upon me failing the CIBT test?

A CIBT test will come with a free retake that a worker can make the best of. After 48 hours of taking the initial test, the retake can be booked. Even if you fail in your first take of the test, there is no need to pay for the next. But, it is only for 90 days that the retake option is valid. This phase starts after you take your first trial at the test.

What is the connection between the CITB test and the CSCS card?

CITB test will enhance your health and safety-related knowledge when working on-site. But, additionally, when you pass the test, you also become more eligible to qualify for the CSCS card. This is, however, the case only when all other relevant qualifications have been achieved.

The CITB test may be taken individually. It may alternately be taken as part of the industry-approved CSCS green laborer card package. This is one of the finest options at the entry-level when beginning a career in construction.


Health & Safety is a critical consideration and stress needs to be laid over it for any successful project. This makes the CITB test valuable.

Apart from the CITB tests, a range of valuable resources and services are offered at Construction Cards. They empower a construction worker to find the finest start to his career.

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