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What are the CSCS courses that a construction worker should go for?

The construction skills and certification scheme (CSCS) is nothing but a non-profit database of construction workers from across the UK. When a construction worker holds the CSCS certification, it acts as proof that the construction worker is doing the nature of work that matches his competencies. Alternately, it goes to show that the construction worker is committed to getting the required qualification for working in the construction industry.

The right way to get certified

For getting the CSCS certification, an applicant should hold the CSCS card that is the best suited to his or her skill levels. When one takes a particular CSCS course, he becomes eligible for earning the relevant CSCS card.

Over 200 occupations are covered in the CSCS courses. Most importantly, even while holding a CSCS card is not a legal requirement, most of the construction companies across the UK require their workers to hold the CSCS card.

Types of CSCS courses

The different types of CSCS courses are presented in a structured format. By doing these courses, the candidates are empowered to build the competence levels required for doing any particular task at a construction site. By getting employment opportunities across the construction industry, they can apply their skills learned from the theoretical and practical training in the right way, on-site.

This makes the work environment safer for everyone present at a construction site, and the odds of injuries and fatality reduce. Among the most important CSCS courses is Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS), Health and Safety Awareness (HSA), Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS), Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment, etc.

Let us know about these CSCS courses in further detail:

  1. The SMSTS course

The SMSTS is one of the site safety schemes. The ideal candidates for taking the course are supervisors and site managers. They are the professionals who manage the control, organization, and planning of all workers operating at a construction site.

The SMSTS is a training course that lasts for 5 days. Following the completion of the course, the participants are well equipped to implement the regulations for health and safety. This puts them in a better position to manage their every day onsite activities. The supervisor also, then, has a better idea about the best practices used across the industry.

The certificate obtained upon completing the SMSTS course is valid for 5 years.

  1. The SSSTS course

The SSSTS course is different from the SMSTS course because it is oriented towards the people who operate or plan to operate as a supervisor. The course lasts for 2 days and the certificate stays valid for 5 years following obtaining it.

In the SSSTS course, the participants are trained over the legal and health responsibilities that they should take care of as a supervisor. Other components of the SSSTS course include ensuring safety at a construction site and the ways to associate with their team members.

  1. The HSA course

The HSA course has been created for newcomers across the construction industry in the UK. The course teaches participants about construction hazards and the right way to prevent and manage them. The HSA course also covers the methods to be applied for ensuring a high degree of safety for the learner and everyone around at a construction site. The duration of the course is one day and the certification stays valid for five years.

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