What benefits does holding the CSCS Blue Card brings with it?

The CSCS Blue Card is among the numerous certified qualifications that the Construction skills Certification Scheme issues via Construction Cards. The validity of the card is 5 years.

Holding either of the following qualifications is a must to apply for the CSCS blue card:

  • Passing a construction-related level 2 NVQ or SVQ course
  • Completing a recognized form of apprenticeship that is relevant to the construction industry. A few such examples are CSCS Approved Trailblazer (CSCS) or a City and Guilds of London Institute Craft Certificate.

Aside from holding the right qualifications, it is also necessary that one should have cleared the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test at most two years before applying for the CSCS card.

An important noteworthy point in this regard is that if one does not have these qualifications but is an experienced professional in his specific trade and holds other relevant qualifications, then he should be able to for the CSCS experienced worker card.

What expenses do I have to bear to get the Blue CSCS card?

Typically, a CSCS card is going to cost £36. Similarly, the expenses involved for the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test are separate, and come in the line of £22.

All level 2 NVQ and SVQ courses also come with a fee subject to where you compete the course from.

Which CSCS test is blue card? 

In case you intend to acquire the Blue Skilled Worker Card, it is a must to clear the relevant NVQ Level 2 Course in advance. Instead of the level 2 NVQ course, you’d be appearing for the SVQ test if you reside in Scotland.

The candidates are, similarly, required to clear their CITB Health, Safety and Environment test at most 2 years before taking the CSCS test, such that they can be granted the Blue Skilled Worker CSCS Card.

Defining the red CSCS card

Red CSCS cards are not permanent. They are instead provisional or temporary cards that are granted for trainee or junior construction workers. In a vast majority of cases, a construction site would call for a worker to produce proof if he is going to work onsite. The concerned construction worker should prove that either he is qualified or he is attempting to acquire the relevant qualifications which allow him to do his particular job efficient safely and efficiently.

At Construction Cards, a construction worker can come across a range of accredited resources; cards, courses and tests for working in the construction industry. This includes an entire range of red CSCS cards, for provisional, experienced and apprentice workers, graduates, trainees and experienced managers.

What is the purpose of CSCS cards and why should I hold one?

When one holds a CSCS card, it goes to show the degree of competency that one has for one’s job role. Your employer will then perceive you as a competent professional capable of delivering good quality of work.

It is as a part of Construction Skill Certification Scheme that CSCS cards are issued. This will call for the candidates to study the relevant courses and pass the relevant tests. This is a requirement for holding any cards or certifications.

The scheme is primarily in place to enhance the security standards at construction sites. It is intended towards ensuring that all workers who operate at a construction site have the requisite health and safety related knowledge.

Is holding the CSCS card a legal requirement?

No. As of current, construction workers are not legally required to hold a CSCS cards. But it is nevertheless one of the best practices and highly recommended for all construction workers. It works from your peers’ and your own safety point of view.

Typically, employers in the construction industry across the UK hire only those construction workers that hold a CSCS card. Holding the card goes to show that a construction worker is competent, well-informed regarding the health and safety procedures to be followed at a construction site and committed towards professionalism.

In case you desire to be a competent construction professional and acquiring the Blue CSCS card, Construction Cards makes a range of tests and courses to help you achieve the same. Get in touch with us today or give us a call to know more about the same.

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