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What construction qualification should a construction worker from the UK hold?

The construction industry is widely perceived as one of the world’s most profitable, impactful and dynamic industries. The industry has been around ever since the inception of civilization.

The societies have developed resulting from the inputs provided by the construction industry, and so have cities, education, economies, transportation and healthcare.

Irrespective of what goes on in the global or national affairs, the demand for construction workers is going to be high.

The days of pandemic are yet to be over, and the economies currently are technology oriented. In such circumstances, employers are looking out for resources that are exceptionally skilled and talented.

This directly goes to show that the Britain’s Construction workforce should lay a greater emphasis towards up skilling by completing the construction qualifications.

Brexit and COVID-19 have negatively impacted the construction industry across the UK. In more and more cases, the reliance of the companies on government support is enhancing. In the same coin, the companies are nowadays apprehensive about hiring new workers as well.

These are extraordinary times, and complacency is not going to do one good at this hour. Instead, a construction worker should up skill himself by upgrading his qualifications.

When we consider more about being a builder, we come to see that among all professions, it is one of the highest paid professions. It is one of the most respected professions as well.

Let us consider the salary of a metropolitan civil engineer through the current times. Through the current times, the salary of such a professional will start at £32,000. Salaries of concrete workers, bricklayers and roofers are not less as well. The professionals can make at least 20-30K yearly based on their qualifications, years of experience, degrees of expertise and skills.

There are even cases wherein the head of the construction site makes around 50-60 thousand pounds every year. This will also depend on the company for whom they offer their services.

Overall, being a construction worker in the UK should be classified as a lucrative proposition for any worker. When a construction worker holds a bachelors’ degree, he will be possessed with the professional skills and the experience that empowers him to work at higher level positions.

Nevertheless, across the construction industry, several other qualifications are also made available that a worker can hold at a lower pricing. The time taken for getting these qualifications is also lesser.

Let us look at the most important and popular qualifications for the construction industry across the UK:

  • Construction NVQ (National Vocational Qualification)
  • CSCS cards (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme)
  • Construction Health and Safety Course
  • CPCS Cards (Construction Plant Competence Scheme)

Let us consider these qualifications, one-by-one in further detail:

Construction NVQ

As a work-based construction course, a Construction NVQ aims to develop ability and technical skills across any specific field of construction. By holding this construction qualification, a construction worker finds the eligibility for a range of construction courses. This includes the CSCS cards.

Several levels of construction NVQs are available, and this also depends over the degree of a construction worker’s experience, or the nature of work that a construction worker intends to get into. At Construction Cards, we make help available for a number of NVQs.

CPCS Cards

CPCS is an abbreviation for Competence Plant Competence Scheme. CPCS has been put in place to ensure that construction workers are able to get the necessary knowledge and the skills that they require to operate as plant operators.

CPCS cards were launched in 2003. They are in place to enhance the compliance and regulation requirements for all construction workers. The construction companies, similarly, benefit from CPCS cards as well.

In case one intends to become a plant operator, then he should hold a CPCS card. At the Construction Cards website, you can come across additional information related to the CPCS cards.

Construction Health and Safety Courses

Construction Health and Safety Courses will typically cover the safety of production equipment and tools, inventory, devices, protective devices, and vehicles. It involves checking the technical condition of equipment and construction machines. Similarly, a construction worker comes to learn of the order of technical operation of technological equipment for construction production. By visiting our website, you can take a look at the Construction Health and Safety offered at Construction Cards.

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