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What is the procedure for applying for a CSCS card in the UK?

A CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card acts as a physical testimony that you are appropriately qualified for any particular job in the construction industry. When a construction worker holds a CSCS card, it implies that the professional is well trained and can work safely on-site.

As of current, holding the CSCS card is not a legislative requirement. But as time passes, employers who reside in the UK are beginning to make holding the CSCS card a must for working on any construction site.

In total, the different types of CSCS cards are at least over 12. They stand for different qualifications and occupations. The CSCS cards cover the entire range of job profiles available in the construction industry. They range from trainee roles, right through to managerial roles.

Completing the CITB is essential to apply for the CSCS card

Before you post or share your application for getting a CSCS card, you must clear your CITB Health, Safety, and Environment test. This should be done within two years of clearing your CITB test.

If you are yet to clear your CITB test, then it has been made available at credible affiliate sites, such as Construction Cards. At Construction Cards, you can come across an entire range of tests for specific health and safety requirements, demanded by any particular role in the construction industry.

But, in case you have already taken and cleared the CITB test within the two years that have passed, then holding the proof for having cleared your CITB test is also important. This will let you appear for a CSCS exam.

So, a construction worker should make available his qualification certificate in the format of a scanned copy. Along with this, share your profile photo id as well. Use a photograph that you clicked at the time of passing your test. This will ensure that the procedure for applying for the CSCS card is easy.


The best way to apply for your CSCS card is online. Do it over the Construction Cards website.

We are in the midst of our efforts towards the digitalization of health and safety-related education across the construction industry. So, when you apply online, it is going to be a tad bit quicker than applying using any other method used for applying. Then, this method will make things convenient for you as well.

Going about the procedures is simple, for applying for a CSCS card. But, you’d have to provide your contact information. After you share your contact information, the first thing we will do is forward all the information-related pages that we have over to you. You can go through this information. This will yield actionable insights over choosing the best-suited CSCS cards based on your requirements.

By phone

If you have no intention to apply for your CSCS card online, then using your phone to apply for them works as well. You can start with contacting Construction Cards over their contact number. You can speak to one of our well-trained members. From the member, you can obtain the information regarding the CSCS card that will work the best for you. This will help you with your career path ahead.


In this article, we have mentioned two ways of applying for the CSCS card. But that is not all. There are some additional ways to do the same as well. You can use any of the methods that meet your taste and preferences. But do not delay the procedure. Apply for a CSCS card today. This will bring new career opportunities to you.

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