What is the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) Course?

When we discuss the construction industry, it is self-implied that it is a hazardous location to work in. Keeping this fact in mind, the Construction Skills and certificate scheme (CSCS) training courses have been introduced by CITB. These courses have been put in place to ensure that construction workers upkeep safe conduct online.

One of the most important CSCS courses is the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS). This has been created for the individuals who are looking to get the role of a worksite supervisor.

Supervisors take care of a significant section of the onsite workforce. So, it becomes important that they have the requisite skills and knowledge to ensure that the onsite working environment stays safe. The SSSTS course assists supervisors with onsite risks. This way, the supervisor can take steps to ensure that the risks are mitigated. Similarly, the course will also guide a supervisor over the ways to communicate with workers. This keeps the work environment stays as safe as possible.

What advantages does being SSSTS certified bring?

For anyone who works in the capacity of a supervisor across the construction industry, SSSTS certification is a beneficial career tool. Similarly, when someone is planning to take up the role of a supervisor, he can also go for the SSSTS certification.

When the SSSTS certification course is through, the candidates should have the following skills.

  • Knowing about the right ways to conduct onsite risk assessments.
  • Knowing about what causes accidents at construction sites and the right ways to prevent them.
  • Knowing about how a site supervisor should be handling any health-related issues that could potentially occur at a worksite.
  • Knowing about all that a site supervisor should be doing in the event of an emergency.
  • Recognizing how a site supervisor should interact with a site manager for ensuring onsite safety.
  • Having an idea about the legal requirements associated with worksite health and safety.

The procedure for getting an SSSTS certificate

For getting the SSSTS certification, a candidate will be required to attend a training course that lasts for 2-days. While they should be contributing towards the course through their proactive participation, they are required to interact with the other course participants as well.

The minimum requirement for enrolling in the CSCS course is having a good understanding of written and spoken English. Towards the commencement of the 2-day course, the contestants will all take the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) test. Once the assessment examination has successfully been completed, the participants attain the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSTS) certificate. The validity of this certificate is five years.

Where does a construction worker obtain his SSSTS certificate from?

Just as in the case of other CSCS courses, open SSSTS courses are operated through third-party training centers that maintain a network and are spread all across the UK. Furthermore, the dedicated training may also be conducted at a venue chosen by the candidates. This is often the case only when the number of candidates is sufficient.

The pricing of the 2-day course depends upon the add ons that are a part of your training package, and your service provider as well.

If you intend to apply for certification, it is possible to book SSSTS courses online. This way, you can get a training center in the vicinity of your residence. You can also contact us over the phone for additional details.

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