What is the value of competency at a construction site?

When construction workers and builders at a construction site are competent, it goes a lot to say for the safety and quality of any building under construction. Moreover, even the safety of the entire team is subject to the individual competency of construction workers. Their professionalism has an important role to play here.

On the other hand, when construction workers are not sufficiently trained, violations of safety and technology measures become more probable. The odds of work related injuries, herein, increase and unjustified financial losses are also more.

Henceforth, being a part of refresher courses organized for builders or any work specialties is important, and so is getting new construction qualifications.

Across the construction industry, a company is expected to hire employees who bring with them a sound work experience across their speciality, along with specialized education. This is because when a construction worker exhibits professionalism in his daily work, the company’s efficiency enhances and so does its reputation. The company becomes more popular in the market and among the potential clients as well. In the same coin, the customers will also attempt to cooperate with an organization whose employees are well trained and exhibit the highest degrees of professionalism.

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By pursuing a new qualification, the quality throughput enhances and construction site related accidents are fewer. For this to happen, it is important that qualified personnel are available for being hired by construction companies. Similarly, before they undertake any specific nature of work, they should obtain the relevant permissions.

Let us take a look at a concise definition of competency. Competency refers to the skills, knowledge and abilities that a professional is required to implement. This is with reference to a task that has been set effectively.

Competency covers the following matters for a construction worker:

  • Working in a team and effectively communicating orders

When an engineer observes a good construction teacher, he learns a host of things. This includes giving directions, working in a team, and articulating or rewarding a worker.

  • Planning construction work and delegating functions

In most cases, the civil engineer is directly responsible for work scheduling. The professional should have a sufficient degree of emotional intelligence for analyzing and discussing his plans with the construction master. This way, either party can figure out new ways in which the everyday work should be carried out.

  • Determining the time required for the completion of each activity

This is one of the skills that experience teaches one. But, in the same coin, it is also important to know about the workers, the qualifications they hold, and what are their capabilities and productivity levels. These are only a few of the primary aspects that define how productive each job is going to be.

  • Dealing with inconveniences at a construction site

In such matters, having the requisite bit of experience at hand is the quality that counts the most.

Final words

Irrespective of whether one begins his career in construction as an inspector or a resident, consolidating ones core competencies through qualifications is one of the surest ways to embark on a rewarding construction career ahead. Then, learning on-site is equally important.

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