What is the value of construction qualifications?

For some period of time now, the UK has experienced a definitive shift across a range of professional sectors. The entire corporate and industrial landscape has experienced a transformation, because of underlying factors such as Brexit and COVID-19.

It is easy to observe the changes in the way organizations are nowadays operating and the people are interacting. Even at national levels, a few of the changes are evident. This is the new normal which we should get used to over time.

Just like Brexit and COVID-19 have affected a range of areas in our lives, they have nowadays added value to construction qualifications.

One of the direct outcomes of Brexit was a shortage of skilled workforce for the industry. In such circumstances, COVID-19 created such a scenario that construction organizations were becoming more and more dependent over the workers who are knowledgeable, skilled and independent. The construction workers holding industry leading qualifications were more in demand than ever before.

Our team at Construction Cards has come up with valuable guidelines for the primary construction qualification that construction workers may choose to invest in:

CSCS Cards

CSCS is an abbreviation for Construction Skills Certificate Scheme. The CSCS card, similarly, should be perceived as an important license that construction workers obtain. This puts them in a position to safely and effectively do a range of different tasks that need to be performed at a construction site.

As time passes, even more construction organizations expect their workers to hold CSCS cards. Holding CSCS cards is fast becoming the key requirement for being eligible to work at a construction site.

When your workforce holds CSCS cards, it goes to show that the work is progressing in accordance with the best health and safety practices. At an individual level, holding a CSCS card implies that a construction worker has a good practical knowledge of the work that he does, and that he can be efficient in his work.

Holding a CSCS card is not a legal requirement as of current. But, several construction companies state that while a construction worker does not hold a CSCS card, they are unwilling to hire him.

So, when a construction worker intends to have a rewarding career in construction, he should aim at getting his construction related qualifications right. You can book a CSCS course at Construction Cards.

NVQ Qualifications

NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualifications. As work related qualifications, NVQ qualifications put a construction worker in a position to gain concrete skills and knowledge while operating at a work site. When you complete a Construction NVQ training course, it not just streamlines your career in construction, but also boosts the odds of landing up a dream job in the construction industry.

Across the industry, there are four levels of construction NVQs. The NVQ that one goes for primarily depends on the stage at which one is in his construction career. This, again, further corresponds to the specific CSCS cards that one can get.

  • Red CSCS card – NVQ Trainee
  • Green CSCS card – NVQ Level 1
  • Blue CSCS card – NVQ Level 2
  • Gold Card – NVQ Level 3
  • Black Card – NVQ Level 4

At Construction Cards, the following NVQ qualifications are available:

  • Operative NVQ 2
  • Supervisor NVQ 3
  • Site Manager NVQ 6
  • Project/Contract Manager or Director 8


CITB is Construction Industry Training Board and the pricing of the CITB test is £21. Clearing the CITB will strengthen a construction worker’s health and safety skills.

The CITB test should be perceived as a quintessential component for any construction worker’s career. When a construction worker clears the CITB test, it goes to show that he can safely operate at a construction site.

Similarly, the CITB test is perceived as an implement that implies that a construction worker is not putting his colleagues at the risk of any safety hazards when he works at a construction site. So, when a company’s workforce clears the passed the CITB HS&E test, it goes to show that they can work at a construction site, safely, efficiently and confidently.

CPCS Cards

CPCS is Construction Plant Competence Scheme and a construction worker should hold a CPCS card if he intends to become a crane supervisor, telehandler or a slinger. The CPCS card is primarily in place for identifying if a construction worker can operate plants or large machinery.


To achieve a career in construction that is profitable and sustainable, getting the right construction qualifications is an important step. When a construction worker holds a higher construction qualification, it implies that he has additional, hands on experience in the practical aspects of his work. Getting hired at the desired positions is easier for a construction worker in such cases. So, a construction worker should attempt to upgrade or get his construction qualifications today!

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