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When would I be required to go for the red provisional CSCS card?

The red provisional CSCS card is a temporary card, quintessentially. It is meant for those workers that operate at a construction site.

When you hold the red provisional CSCS card, it acts as a proof for your employers that you are dedicatedly working towards acquiring the qualifications relevant to your trade in the construction industry.

In more cases than not, a red CSCS card holder is going to be the team’s junior member or a trainee. The worker is going to be at the construction site for his probation period. During this phase, the employer will access if they are suitable for a full-time employment in construction.

For whom is the red provisional card meant for?

Only if a construction worker has never held a provisional CSCS card earlier in his life can he hold the provisional CSCS card.

  • The provisional CSCS card is non-renewable
  • The validity period of the red CSCS card ranges from six months to five years
  • To apply for the CSCS card scheme, an applicant should have cleared the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test at most two years before he applies. Upon the reception of the provisional red CSCS card, you’d come to see that it has an expiry date.

Is the CITB test going to be difficult?

The number of candidates who clear the CITB test every year at Construction Cards is thousands. With proper preparation and planning, the odds of clearing the CITB test is going to enhance manifolds.

Upon the expiry of my red provisional CSCS card, what can I expect?

By the time the red CSCS card expires, the cardholder should have achieved or have registered for a construction-related qualification that is well recognized across the industry. In the phase wherein the red provisional CSCS card is live, the cardholder should figure out the CSCS card that is the most relevant to his trade.

Which one is the highest level of CSCS card?

The highest level of CSCS certification is the PQP card. This is primarily reserved for the position holders in leadership and managerial roles. These individuals are also members of an approved professional body. Characteristically, a PQP cardholder is going to have the requisite knowledge and skills for operating at a construction site without any supervision.

Is an individual with no qualifications eligible to get a CSCS card?

The only essential formal qualification for a construction worker applying for a CSCS card is to have passed the CITB Health Safety and Environment test. This should be at most two years before one applies for the red provisional CSCS card.

How do I acquire the red provisional CSCS card?

Get in touch with us today at Construction Cards by logging on to our website or giving us a call. We’d be delighted to assist you with any matters regarding the CSCS cards.

Is holding a CSCS card a mandatory requirement?

Holding an in date and a valid CSCS card is not a legal requirement across the UK for construction workers. But before they grant access to a construction site or work at a construction site, many employers across the UK will expect you to hold an in date and valid CSCS card.

When a construction worker holds a in-date and valid CSCS card, it reassures an employer that his workforce is well qualified to do their jobs and can go ahead with the same efficiently and safely.

How will I book a CSCS test?

You have a choice at booking a CSCS test over the Construction Cards website. You can also call us for the same.

In all likelihood, we’d book an appointment for your CSCS test within two weeks. At the time of making the booking, you’d be able to access the available dates and timeslots, alongside the centers where you’d like to appear for the CSCS test. So, you’d immediately be able to make the bookings.


When you work towards getting a red provisional CSCS card and apply for the same, it is the beginning of a remarkable career in construction. This will make you eligible for more jobs in the construction industry and improve your pay scale. Construction Cards is the #1 platform for CSCS tests and cards from across the UK. We further make the CITB test available for you, which is a fundamental requirement to clear before one can apply for the red provisional CSCS card.

An entire range of is available at Construction Cards website. Call us today to know more about the same.

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