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Why is the UK among the best places in the world to pursue a career in the construction industry?

The construction industry is undoubtedly among the quickest growing industries across the world. Across the years, in the construction industry, the demand for workers, laborers, and specialists has been steadily increasing. One of the reasons for the same is that while new projects are in the process of being completed, new ideas are being implemented as well.

It is nevertheless important to remember that while a construction worker does not have knowledge of health and safety at construction sites or the related construction qualification, pursuing a construction-related career in the UK will be difficult.

Top reasons to pursue a construction career in the UK

  1. A significant flow of foreign investments

There are some factors that fascinate the entire world towards the UK. In particular, the nation enjoys widespread popularity among foreign investors. One of the key reasons for the same is that the UK’s open property laws.

There are several countries across the world that poses several obstacles to any potential foreign investors. In some cases, buying property is banned for foreigners. But that’s not the case in the UK. Anyone can buy or build a house in the UK.

Not just that, even the stamp duty remains the same irrespective of the part of the world one comes from. Moreover, irrespective of the nationality of an individual, he can own multiple properties across the UK. They can also get an investment loan as and when they require it.

  1. Economic and political stability

Britain has historically shown to have commendable levels of economical and political stability. For an investor’s safety, this acts as a solid foundation.

Political and economic stability did come across some minor setbacks in recent times. But this does not influence the political and economic stability of the UK at its core. The real estate industry of the UK is resilient and best placed to counter unfavorable circumstances. This fact is further accentuated by the British economy being the most robust economy across entire Europe.

Britain enjoys a strong position in the terms of international affairs as well. It is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council while being one of the five founding members of NATO. The UK is furthermore one of the G8 countries, and among the most industrialized democracies worldwide.

Since the UK enjoys a key position across several global orders, the degrees of investment security and market position are also high.

  1. Transparent legal system

Across the entire world, the legal system of the UK is among the most transparent. This is exemplified by the simplicity of the UK’s property laws. No culture of corruption prevails here. While the tax structures are favorable, the registration is also straightforward.

Each of the real estates professionals, such as surveyors and lawyers need to be formally qualified. Their regulation is conducted by the trade bodies that are officially recognized. Operation of the real estate agents is similarly bound by the Real Estate Agents Act 1979.

In case a dispute happens to arise amongst a buyer, seller, or agent, then the resolution is achieved by a property ombudsman who is independent and impartial.

Similarly, an important implication of the weak pound is that it makes the UK university degree more affordable for students from abroad. The real estate industry furthermore makes available well-equipped and comfortable apartments available for the students close to their universities.

In particular, for foreign investors, British real estate is robust and profitable. The degree of safety is high, and the real estate industry is more valuable for foreign investors than it has ever been earlier.

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