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Why should a construction worker go for the SSSTS course?

Site Supervisory Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) is one of the fundamental training courses, oriented towards enhancing the quality and safety of work throughout the construction sites.

When a construction worker takes the SSSTS course, he learns about a range of quintessential scenarios. They cover health, safety and environmental issues. While a construction worker builds awareness regarding these issues, he also develops know-how about the resolution of these issues.

Similarly, the SSSTS course also teaches construction workers about the legal regulations that a company should adhere by when operating at a construction site.

Towards the commencement of the SSSTS course, a construction worker develops a decent understanding of:

  • Application of technical skills for making the work environment safer
  • Making sure that your organization exercises health and safety principles
  • Making a method statement after carrying our risk assessment
  • Inducting all new joinees at a construction site
  • Overseeing all site operations
  • Figuring out issues with the work in progress
  • Addressing all matters concerning site health, safety and environment

SSTS course: an overview

The United Kingdom Contractors Group (UKCG) backs the SSSTS course. The UKCG is recognized body for establishing the standards for the best practices for all construction companies and professionals.

Correspondingly, the SSSTS course is concerned with helping construction workers recognize and implement the principles associated with health, safety, welfare and environment across the construction industry.

Furthermore, the SSSTS course will train candidates over the matters associated with legal requirements for on-site projects and operations. So, SSSTS bear value for everyone.

The components of construction that SSSTS course covers

  • Health and Safety at Work Act  
  • Toolbox communications  
  • Problems and Challenges that workers face on-site  
  • Behavioural Safety  
  • Occupational Health supervisory  

Top reasons to complete the SSSTS course

For all on-site managers and supervisors, the SSSTS course is an industry-leading training course. To recognize the health and safety related concerns associate with working at a construction site, the SSSTS course is only the first step. In such cases, people work at heights. They use heavy machinery and manage hazardous materials.

So, when a construction worker is through with his SSSTS course, he is empowered to become a supervisor across any of the construction sites.

For all work related concerns that arise at a construction site, the manager or supervisor is the first point of contact. So, people doing their work in these capacities withhold not just the commercial, but also the moral responsibilities for their companies’ performance. The responsibility is always magnanimous, irrespective of the amount of work that one does.

But, when a construction worker is through with his SSSTS course, he is possessed with an all-around understanding regarding his speciality. He knows more about the industry he works in.

What certificates will a construction worker get?

  • An SSSTS certificate 
  • A CITB certificate  

But these qualifications will have to be renewed every 5 years.

What is the significance of the SSSTS refresher course?

Before the SSSTS certificate expires, a candidate should go for the SSSTS refresher. He would otherwise have to take the SSSTS course again.

Why Construction Cards is the best place to take the SSSTS course?

Construction Cards is the leading company from across the UK that offer the SSSTS course. The core competencies of the organization include their dedicated team and industry-leading insights. When you take the SSSTS course with us, it becomes valuable and effective.

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